150mm 200mm 250mm
Standard widths 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Density 2500Kg/m3 2500Kg/m3 2500Kg/m3
Areas of cross section 0.0997m2 0.1226m2 0.1499m2
Theoretical weight of slab 2.3KN/m2 2.7KN/m2 3.3KN/m2
Minimum concrete strength when detensioning 30 Mpa 30 Mpa 30Mpa
Concrete Strength at 28 days 50 Mpa+ 50 Mpa+ 50 Mpa+
Prestressing strand types used: 9.3 mm and 12.5 mm stabilized strand
Accepted bearing tolerances: On brickwork 100 mm
On concrete 75mm
On steel 75 mm
Suggested max Span/Depth Ratio: L/50
Fire rating 1 hour standard, higher ratings can be achieved