Elematic Hollow core slabs

Elematic slabs are one of the most advanced products in the precast concrete industry

  1. A highly automated production process.
  2. Smooth even bottom surfaces meaning false ceilings can be omitted.
  3. Good sound insulation properties.
  4. Because of the longitudinal cores weight of the floor is reduced.
  5. The voids in hollow core can be used for technical installations, i.e. ventilation conduits, plumbing and electrical pipes etc.
  6. Short construction time, absence of scaffolding, high mechanical and durability performance, excellent span-depth ratio and good flexibility in design.
  7. Hollow core can be designed to meet different fire class requirements.
  8. Hollow core can be used with all types of supporting structures i.e. Bearing walls, skeletal concrete structures or steel frames.
  9. The reduced weight of slabs gives savings in foundations and structures.
  10. Longer spans, less support, more freedom in floor plan design.
  11. Dry erection only joints need to be grouted.

Horizontal applications


  • Multi-storey townhouse complexes
  • Multi-storey flats
  • Multi-storey residential housing
  • Multi-storey industrial and commercial parks
  • Multi-storey schools
  • Multi-storey hotels
  • Multi-floor Stadiums
  • Multi-storey parkades
  • Train stations

Vertical applications

High strength security walling for the following applications:

  • Prisons
  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Retaining walls
  • Vehicle/all storage facilities